Thank you for visiting the SOS Entertainment website! What we do is unique... Unlike the hundreds of other options out there, SOS has built a team of the best event planners and production crew the industry has to offer. We have three warehouses packed to the brim with the newest sound, lighting and production equipment. Our office team of skilled event producers and technicians work tirelessly around the clock to ensure we offer the most innovative packages and the best pricing available. Our 20+ full-time team members and 100+ event technicians work together to provide an unparalleled advantage and of course, an unbeatable value!


Endless Summer Bash

It’s July! Can you believe it? This year is flying by. We just finished prom and graduation season and we’re taking a breather before starting up the school season again! But we don’t relax like most people…. At the end of this month we’re doing what we do best – throwing a PARTY!! This one […]

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Temecula Valley MORP

So it turns out TVHS knows how to PARTY!! Here at SOS we’re all about celebrating the moment and making life spectacular, and we found a terrific crowd at Temecula Valley’s Morp this year. Our DJ, Julian, captured this sweet footage using a GoPro throughout the night. This setup included a full sound system – […]

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At SOS Entertainment, we always look for these 12 Core Values in every employee: Enthusiasm, Efficiency, Communication, Attention to Detail, Humility, Integrity, Leadership, Family, Community, Innovation, Teamwork and Progression. These values allow us to be able to look out for a person who is a hard worker and will connect well with the SOS Entertainment […]

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Every graduation is a special occasion. It is a time when young adults graduate and move on from the school they have called home for a very long time. They begin the process of transitioning from a teenager just barely understanding the real world, to becoming adults working jobs and going to college, starting the […]

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